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Bulletstorm devs are making a Destiny-style shooter, and it’s pretty good

Hands-on with People Can Fly’s next-gen debut, Outriders

InIn the not-so-distant future, a dying Earth has caused its inhabitants to look for a new planet to call home. After decades of space travel that leave its passengers suspended in time, the bold group given this monumental task sets foot on a new world. At first glance, this faraway planet is idyllic, lush, and peaceful — a place where humans can feel right at home. But not everything is as it seems, and this new world soon turns out to be teeming with hostile creatures and mysterious forces beyond human control. Oh, have you heard that one before? OK, I’ll admit it — Outriders, the forthcoming co-op shooter from developer People Can Fly (Bulletstorm,Gears of War: Judgment ) and publisher Square Enix, definitely gives off some familiar vibes. Due out this holiday season and making its debut on Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen platforms (along with PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One), Outriders follows the titular group that’s t…

Life is Strange 2 is Beautifully Boring - GW

Sometimes taking it slow is the best way to immerse players.

Life is Strange 2 is about two brothers escaping a strange situation. It is also about family, brotherhood, survival, racism, individualism and social conformity in Trump’s America. It is an experience in which the gameplay interactions and narrative are purposefully dissonant. The plot moves forward in the form of in-engine scenes, whereas the verbs the player performs are tightly restricted and functionally mundane. What makes Life is Strange 2 compelling is that the rewards on offer aren’t the usual upgrade trees or random loot drops, but instead deepening character histories and interactions. When the player does take control, gameplay options are deliberately narrow and often non-essential. You truly do need to behave like a big brother. What you do is equally important as what you say. (Spoiler warning: this article discusses story beats and mechanics from Episodes 1-5 of Life is Strange 2) So what do you do in Life is Str…

Metro Exodus - How to Obtain A Man of Principle and Untouchable Achievements (Sam's Story DLC) - GW

Metro Exodus's last DLC - Sam's Story completed earning the Captain's full trust (A Man of Principle) and without dying in Batwing encounters (Untouchable).

A Man of Principle and Untouchable Achievements Guide

A Man of Principle

Every time you make a choice which counts towards earning the Captain's trust, you the screen will flash in white. Follow all the steps below and you will earn the Captain's full trust and unlock A Man of Principle achievement.

I will list the Batwing encounters too just for chronological reference. If you need more tips, check the second section of this guide.

Put your gun down as the Captain demands (2:00)

Press and hold H at the start of the cutscene and hold it until Sam puts his weapon down.
First Batwing encounter (3:30)

Help the Captain move the obstacle (14:50)
When you meet the Captain for the second time, he will ask you to help him move an obstacle. Go near it and hold E.
Sneak through the sniper's building and spare him; the Captain …