Meowhalla - Full Walkthrough and 100% Achievements Guide

All relevant choices and endings for obtaining 100% achievements!


  • This is not the only hunger you can help me satisfy.
  • Succumb to desire.

✘︎ Save 1

  • Direct attack is pointless, how brave it may be...

✘︎ Save 2

  • Plan an escape to Midgard with Erica and kill Inkeri.
  • RUN! [Achievement: RUN!]

✘︎ Save 3

  • Tell about Erica’s treason.

✘︎ Save 4

  • Support Freya and let others die. [Achievement: Freya The First]

Load 4

  • Kill Freya and help Olga. [Achievements: Healing liquid | Black Triumph]

Load 3

  • Tell about Freya’s treason.
  • I want to remain with Olga and rule the Threshold. [Achievement: Bloodless victory]

Load 3

  • Tell about both Erica and Freya. [Achievements: Sold! | Together]

Load 2

  • Refuse to kill Inkeri and reject Erica.
  • Well, I accept my destiny . . .

✘︎ Save 5

  • I suspect that Erica is a traitor.
  • Kill Freya and help Astrid and Inkeri.
  • I came the long way. I pass through the Gates of Asgard, to my destiny. [Achievement: Til Valhall!]

Load 5

  • . . . On the other hand, nothing to tell.
  • Rush to help Erica. This may be dangerous. [Achievements: Peacemaker | Another Journey]

Load 1

  • Face them like a man—attack with the sword. [Achievement: Really?]

Start a new game:

  • This is most kind of you. See you tomorrow. Rest well.
  • I am not interested. Let’s pretend this is just for fun.
  • Direct attack is pointless, how brave it may be...
  • Refuse to kill Inkeri and reject Erica.
  • No means no. [Achievements: Forever alone, Unwavering]


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