Moonlighter - The Banker / How to Earn a Huge Amount of Money

A short summary of my personal observations with the banker. Since i couldnt find any about him i thought maybe someone still new to the game, like me, could find these helpful.

The Characters (aka Shops)

When you start a new game there is no shop, besides your own, in Rynoka. Earn some money and you can breathe new life into the city.

There are 5 shops you can unlock for different amount of money at the bulletin board.

  • Andrei, the blacksmith where you can craft armor and weapons. He will open his shop, called Vulcans Forge for 500 Gold.
  • Eris, an alchemist. She sells potions and enchantments. She will open her shop, called The Wooden Hat for 500 Gold aswell.
  • Julien, owner of Le Retailer, will open his shop for 5.500 Gold. Sells items from the dungeons really expensivly.
  • Edward, the Banker, unlocked after you finished the Forest Dungeon. He will visit your town when you payed 70.000 Gold.
  • Alan, who owns and runs the Hawker stand. He will join your city for 20.000 Gold after you purchased the first upgrade for your shop.

How to Work the Banker

When you bought the Banker he will be standing on your town square left to the bulletin board. Depending what day it is he might say something like "I'm busy, come back in 4 days" cause you can only invest money on sundays.

On sundays you can invest a freely selectable amount of money. You have the following six days to cash out your money. If you forget to cash out till the following sunday you will lose everything.

You can only cash out during the day. Edward isnt there at night Every single day you can go to the edward and he will tell you if your invested money rise or droppen in price. Please not, the dropping / rissing prices always refer to the invested money, not the preceding day.

Findings Based on My Experiences with the Banker

So far i made the following observations in normal mode (not playing NG+ yet):

  • Every week got 3 days with rising prices and 3 days with dropping prices
  • The pattern is the same for every week of a month
  • the percentage values are consistent if you do nothing else than sleeping between investments
  • at least one rising price is above 20%
  • the pattern and percentage values change when you load a save game or continue a saved game


When you unlocked the Banker and want to play a unstressful game i recommend you to follow this simple steps:

  1. In your first week invest a small amount of money and check the banker everyday until you got all 3 days with rising prices. Do nothing else then sleeping between.
  2. In the following weeks of the same month invest as much as you like, sleep till the day with the best ricing price and cash out.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the remaining weeks of the month.
  4. When a new month starts just check everyday again for the 3 rising prices. The repeat step 2 for the following weeks.

With this i got in 30 Minutes from 1,3 Million to over 134 Million. Now i can enjoy the game without the hassle to find the right item prices :) I started with +17%, followed up by 29%, 31%, 33% and lastly 59%.


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