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This guide contains everything you need to know about the Western Saloon.

Western Saloon Overview


It's been a while (four years to be exact), but Paint The Town Red has finally had its fifth level released shortly after the release of the beneath mode, which is the Western Saloon. This level incorporates some new assets/weapons, but is overall not too complicated or special. It has 75 enemies in the level.

The Main Parts

As mentioned before, this level (so far) is not too unique, but these are the things that stick out:

The Robbery
The room above the cashiers/vault is home to two characters seen trying to saw their way into the gambling earnings. This area is special mainly because it has the characteristic of starting the riot when you walk inside the room. Along with that, the two enemies will only attack if provoked or the total enemy count is low enough.

Something else I also thought was pretty amusing is that the piano player will play his music during the riot with the same aforementioned properties, but if he is provoked, the piano will play from a recorder, and will also sound different.

The Goon

Directly at the back left side of the saloon is an enemy that resembles the giant inmate from the prisoner riot level, with what I believe is pretty much equivalent stats. Just like the robbers, this character won't attack unless provoked, or there are few enemies remaining. There is no penalty for walking near him.

The Safe

In the back of the cashier room is a revolver in a safe with a revolver inside. A new weapon featured in a release like the last two (shotgun, and flintlock).

The revolver has no special characteristics really. From what I tested, it seems rather incapable of penetrating through several enemies, but nonetheless is a fun weapon. To get into the back room requires hitting one of the cashiers through the bars, in which they will open the door to attack you. You can wait until the enemy count is low enough, but that kind of defeats the purpose of acquiring the gun in my opinion.

The Secret / Not So Secret Weapons

This level has a few deadlier weapons laying around, mostly scattered around the map with few being on enemies, such as:

A cleaver on the chef in the kitchen (along with one next to him).

A knife on the guard at the door.

I'm not entirely sure if this one is tougher than an avg enemy as the saloon assets have yet to be added to the level editor.

As for the weapons found around the map:

An assortment of blades next to the gun safe.

A cleaver at the bar.

A knife at the cutlery/dish table.

A knife in the room behind the cashier booth.

Along with another next to it.

A knife on the shelf under the stairs next to the booth.

A knife on the shelf in the kitchen.

Along with a cleaver next to that.

And another knife next to that.

Another on the table in the middle.

And two on the shelves next to it.


Note: You have to jump to see some of them.


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