PS4 Pro Trailer Invites to "Feel the Power of PlayStation;" It's Creepy & Awesome at the Same Time

Today Sony Interatctive Entertainment released a new trailer for it’s (for now) top-of-the-line console PS4 Pro.
The trailer invites the viewer to “feel the power of PlayStation” but it does so in a rather interesting way.
We see no gameplay, but instead the video shows a group of soldiers infiltrating an underground facility where they find a moltitude of beating hearts.
It’s pretty awesome and creepy in a similar way to those PlayStation commercials from a long time ago. 
You can watch it below.

Recently we learned that PS4 has shipped 108.9 million units as

Recently we learned that PS4 has shipped 108.9 million units as of December 31, 2019, amid predictable slumping sales and profit due to the natural slowdown of the market at the end of the generation.
The PS4 Pro isn’t going to be Sony’s top-of-the-line console for much longer, as the manufacturer is soon going to replace it with the PS5, which is scheduled to release this Holiday season, and is still being kept largely under wraps.
The company aims to achieve a smooth transition between generations thanks to backward compatibility and the revenue provided by network services like PlayStation Plus.
For now, we wait. At the moment it isn’t even known when the PS5 will be fully unveiled. 


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