TroubleDays - How to Enable The +18 Content (R18 Patch)

n this pretty simple guide I will show how to unlock the 18+ content in the TroubleDays game by Qureate dev!

R18 Patch

  • You should download the official patch from this link (349.12 MB).

How to Patch

  • Please copy the file "patch" found in the folder where TroubleDays is installed.

  • Open the "Local Files" tab in the game property window, and click "Browse Local Files" to find "Trouble Days" installation folder from Steam.
  • To uninstall the patch, delete the copied file "patch", previously copied into the "NinNinDayo" installation folder beforehand.
  • Note: Please close "Trouble Days" before installing or uninstalling the patch.
  • Info: Saved data will not be affected by the installing or uninstalling of the patch.


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